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You are well aware of the impact force and the utility of the classic gotcha cap self defense videos. But possessing a non-lethal weapon does not ensure your complete safety until and unless you know how to assemble and use it effectively in the time to come.

To help you effectively handle the gotcha cap, our trained experts created a series of videos available on our website and YouTube. The video series deals with all the nuances ranging from the gotcha kit assembling to furious tactics to counter the imminent threat.

Our experts’ multiple videos are quite comprehensive in nature to aid even persons with no significant physic. The numerous Self Defense videos and a short abstract of what they deal with are as follows.

Gotcha Kit Installation

The video informs the customers about the required tools and steps to set up the visor and the gotcha weapon in the cap.

Hammer fist release

This technique releases your fist from the assaulter’s hold by using the gotcha at a proper angle.

Straight punch counterattack

The punch drawn from the dominant hand using the gotcha to unbalance your opponent and dodge him.

Diversion technique

It is about distracting the enemy first by slashing the cap on his face and then hitting back on him with full vigour.

Subduing and arm lock

It is a bit of an offensive technique where you grab your enemy’s arm and behold him from the back.

Frontal body push

Stowed away draw and counter punch

Multiple attackers

Pressure point release