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Gotcha Kit – Self Defense Gadget

The Gotcha Kit is a new self defense gadget that allows you to enhance your cap to a gotcha cap!

The Gotcha Cap is an innovative self defense gadget tool attached to the underside of a hat visor and is made of a reinforced polymer for endurance and weight-reduction. Its sleek tactical form conforms both to the visor and to the user’s hand when grasped, and it can be drawn at lightning speed.

It is designed to be used as an impact tool and at various angles of engagement. Whether you’re on your way to work, traveling, jogging, or just hanging out, it will always be with you.

In a less-than-ideal world, the Gotcha Cap is as close to an ideal self-defense tool as you can get!

Gotcha Kit available colors – Black, Green, Brow

Missing a color?

Please contact us and let us know which color would you like to see next!

Gotcha Kit – Terms of use and lack of warranty

  1. The cap should be strong (no warranty).

  2. The cap visor should meet the dimensions described in the attached product photos.

  3. The angle of the visor will change to the angle of the Gotcha.

Gotcha Kit – Installation


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