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Shot Show : The Gotcha Cap

A stealth weapon beneath a classic cap is the most apt description of Shot Show The Gotcha Cap. The increase in crime rate in the US and around the world raises serious questions about our safety. We devised the gotcha cap for you to deal with this at your individual level within the legal framework.

Now you might be wondering how effective a simple visored tool can be. So, we would like to tell you that Gotcha Cap won the year’s gadget in the Shot Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The simple-looking tool can turn into a deadly weapon. It is just the angle and the pressure that plays a key role. 

The vigour of the weapon is evident in the video above. Where our trained experts and founders, Yaron Hanover and Dov Ganchrow, demonstrated the tool’s utility in numerous odd situations. Just look at the tool’s prompt and easy carrying out within milliseconds and the slashing speed to dart down your opponent. 

Apart from handling, the cap is highly durable and comfortable. When it comes to looks, it is made of premium fabric. It can be styled with any of your outfits without attracting any attention to it. We also offer the kit separately in case you want to modify your cap into a gotcha cap.

Above all, the cap and tool are so easy to handle that even a novice can manage them well. After going through the tutorials we prepared. What are you waiting for now? Grab your gotcha today!

The video above took place in Las Vegas Nevada. At the Shot Show The Gotcha Cap of convention for weapons, hunting and outdoor industry. Yaron Hanover and Dov Ganchrow the creators of the “Gotcha Cap” showing how to use it in a fight!

Notice that the Gotcha cap has won best gadget of the year


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