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Wearable Gadgets For Self Defense by Gotcha Cap

According to nationwide crime stats, roughly 31 million crimes are being committed in the US solely each year, and the same goes for most nations. This raises some concerns to most of us, including everyday people who are afraid of becoming victims of violent crime and the wealthy business person who used to carry expensive stuff while on the go. Gotcha Cap launched Wearable Gadgets For Self Defense to protect people and save their life.

Self-defense equipment is vital for those men and women who want to avoid being a victim or victimized. Now, the market for self-defense tools is brimming with both legal and illegal tools. There are various tools ranging from mace or pepper spray to stun guns, offering you to choose anything of your will. But here comes a hack that even a weapon is capable enough to land you up in jail if it is illegal to carry.

Hence, before you make up your mind, you should be aware of the regulations governing the weapon or equipment permitted or prohibited in the locations where you reside, work, and transit.

Now, if you are someone who doesn’t want to bother himself with the bylaws or regulations and is in dire need of an excellent non-lethal, low-profile self-defense weapon, then you are at the right place because the Gotcha Cap is the thing you are looking forward for.

You might wonder what a gotcha cap is and how it works, so keep reading!

What is Gotcha Cap Exactly?

It is a unique tool due to its distinctive features, design, and placement. Above all, the product is designed by guys who themselves are martial artists and very well know the nuances of armed or unarmed combats by utilizing their vast expertise.

Gotcha Cap is a lightweight, fiber-made tool attached to the lower side/underside of an inbuilt hat visor and can be pulled out in a blink of an eye. This product is super excellent since it is always in reach even if the assaulters ask you to raise your hands or try to knock you down.

And as we say, it is a cap then; you need not worry about the legalities. Even you don’t have to care about carrying it because your cap can hold it well enough.

Wearable Gadgets For Self Defense
Wearable Gadgets For Self Defense

Why Should You Choose Gotcha Kit or Cap Over Other Alternatives?

There is no one reason for this; there can be many. Let’s see what they are:

1. First and foremost, to avoid cumbersome legalities.

2. A handy weapon which can be deployed at numerous angles and with varied techniques and forces

3. A highly low-profile aura that it inherits.

4. The Gotcha kit is easy to assemble on any cap of your choice without compromising the comfort or look of your favorite caps.

5. High-grade premium fiber for light weight and maximum impact force.

6. The tool’s unique design to choke or unbalance the enemy to sneak out of the scene.

A non-lethal but effective tool with such features is a blessing for most of us who are sometimes left vulnerable to the circumstances. Gotcha Cap will never let you feel alone! So, what are you waiting for? Grab the Gotcha kit now! We offer three different colors as well go with your preference.


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