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What is the Gotcha Cap [Self Defense Tool]

About Gotcha Cap

The Gotcha Cap is an innovative self-defense tool attached to the underside of a hat visor and is made of a reinforced polymer for endurance and weight-reduction. Its sleek tactical form conforms both to the visor and to the user’s hand when grasped, and it can be drawn at lightning speed. The Gotcha Cap in Israel which is designed to be used as an impact tool and at various angles of engagement. Whether you’re on your way to work, traveling, jogging, or just hanging out, it

will always be with you.

In a less-than-ideal world, the Gotcha Cap is as close to an ideal self-defense tool as you can get!

Why to Choose Gotcha Cap?

Most self- defense tools, as good they may be, are often not around when you actually need them, leaving you to fend with your hands alone.

In order to solve this issue, and regardless of the belief people should train to defend themselves, a self- defense tool has to be something that will be with you everywhere, all the time, without feeling like a burden and this is the main reason why Gotcha Cap in Israel was born.

Dont worry, we are aware of how important a cap is for a man!

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Testimonials About The Gotcha Cap

I do private security and respond to a lot of dangerous situations. This hat to me is my lifeline, I have gone to situations knowing I can give off the illusion that my hands are up and they have the upper hand and immediately pull out the gotcha self defense tool and strike or control attacker or suspect.. I wear this hat everywhere even off duty. My wife absolutely loves it and how its so concealable and ready to access from a completely submissive position.

This hat is extremely well made and comfortable and absolutely worth every dime I paid for it!! Thank you so much Fab defense for making me feel more confident at my job, as well as knowing I can protect my wife if a bad situation ever occurs. This is the best product I have ever bought, hands down!

Thank you again!


The Gotcha Cap is a self defense tool made for anyone looking for something that will always be in reach!


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